Today I did something…..

….I haven’t done in a long time. Picked up a hitch-hiker!

Picked David up on the M3 at Fleet and dropped him off on the A303/A34 junction. He was heading to Newbury. Whilst we did the journey he told me his story. Him and 22 other people were working in a hotel in Cambridge, they all got made redundant and that was it, they lost their place to stay. He’s been living in a tent for the last month. Anyway the Job Centre in Cambridge have got him an interview at a hotel in Newbury tomorrow at 10 am. He was trying to make it to Chievley services A34/M4, where he could stay the night, get something to drink, grab a shower and then walk into Newbury next day for his interview.

If his story is true I really feel sorry for him because if he doesn’t get the job then what does he do next.

However, the cynical side of me sorta kicked in and I thought “why would they send someone from Cambridge to Newbury for a job interview?”. Having never been unemployed, I don’t know. Do Job Centres do that? Does anyone know?

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