Daad, Daad, can you do me a favour says son No2.

I should have known right away that this was going to involve something to do with computers but as usual I said yes.

Anyway to cut a long and it was long, nearly a whole day, story short, he had a virus on his computer. A particularly nasty virus/trojan called Total Security. Although at the time I thought easy peasy to sort out. Yeah right!

What TS does is take over your computer and inform you that you have been infected by more than one virus. To all intents and purposes it looks like Windows Security Centre when it runs, flashing up messages and offering to remove the infections for $100 dollars. You know the type “just click this link and give us your credit card details.”  That will do nicely thanks.

Quick check on t’internet, reasonably easy to remove for a man of my calibre, shouldn’t take me more than 30 minutes. Right! It was a mutation of TS and five hours later I had removed 250 infections using MalwareBytes. But as quick as I was removing, the virus was just re-populating itself and mutating as well. Not only that but once the virus realised it was under attack it started blocking access to all the anti-virus sites. I could surf the internet but not go to sites like AVG, Trend Micro, Norton, Spyware Blaster etc.

Time to pull out the big guns – “Hijack This” and “Process Killer”. The damned Virus was even stopping me using them and now when I shut down the PC it would just restart itself unless I killed the power at the wall.

So now we really have a problem and it’s not letting me access the bios either.

OK, this is getting series, all I can do is re-install Windows as a fresh clean machine. Uh! Oh! No I can’t do that either, won’t accept a boot CD now.

Fortunately my son’s PC has a floppy drive, yep a genuine floppy drive, Now where’s that Windows Boot Floppy that I kept telling ‘er indoors would come in handy one of these days……and boy it did.

In went the floppy, quick restart and I’ve got control at the “Command Prompt“. Nothing else for it, “format c:”

That wiped everything, re-installed Windows, got a good AV and Firewall on. Set up wireless networking, got all the latest MS updates on and Mike’s his daddy. One PC back up and running, and very fast too.

Did he lose much, not really, he only uses it for gaming…

First published on FotoJEN 15 Aug 2009

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