Lands End…..What’s That All About

“Inspiring, diverse and wonderfully wild, the Land’s End Peninsula is a natural beauty”. Or so the blurb from the tourist information office says. But to be honest I’ve seen far more fantastic scenery in other parts of Cornwall and round our coasts.

Here’s a short history lesson. In 1987 Peter de Savary purchased Land’s End. He had two new buildings erected and much of the present theme park development was instigated by him. Yes! That’s right “Theme Park” but not like Alton Towers.

In the image above you can see the “theme park” perched on the hill.  Anyway, he sold both Land’s End and John o’ Groats for an undisclosed sum to businessman Graham Ferguson Lacey in 1991 and in 1996 it was sold to a company named Heritage Attractions Limited.

I should point out entry to Lands End is free but you pay for parking and the attractions. However, you are free to walk around Lands End on clearly marked GREEN (easy) or RED (hard) routes. Need less to say I took the easy route…….

Climb inland to high granite moorland and witness an unspoilt mosaic of ancient field systems or stroll from standing stone to stone circles in the path of our prehistoric ancestors.

The Longships, a group of rocky islets are just over a mile offshore. The Isles of Scilly lie approximately 28 miles (45 km) southwest of Land’s End – the mythical lost land of Lyonesse (referred to in Arthurian literature) was supposedly located between Scilly and the mainland.

Land’s End has a particular resonance because it is often used to suggest distance. Land’s End to John o’ Groats in Scotland is a distance of 838 miles (1,349 km) by road and defines the length of races, walks or charitable events.

The actual Land’s End point is situated in front of the First and Last House which is believed to have opened shortly after Penwith House. A lady called Gracie Thomas ran the First and Last house and sold refreshments and basic souvenirs such as lumps of granite. This was also the first time that you could purchase a postcard with Land’s End stamped on it, a tradition that is kept today……but not whilst I was there. It was all shut up.

Finally, there’s that well-known sign, you know the one, the white post with the arms on it. Want a photograph of yourself beside it. That’ll be a tenner sir. Hey I’m in the wrong business…….

So what’s to stop you taking a photograph when the official photographer knocks off for the night, Nothing really, except the arms aren’t there any more. they remove them….or so I’ve been told. Seriously though good luck to the photographer we all have to make a living somehow. Now can I get him near that cliff edge.

All HDR images in this blog were processed using SNS-HDR Pro software available from Sebastian Nibisz

3 thoughts on “Lands End…..What’s That All About

  1. Another interesting set of images Mike. The third image I like in particular. Keep them coming, I’ll use them as a guide of where to go once I finish this desert lifestyle.


  2. Hi Mike – Looks as if it was better than the first of the 3 times I went (Sept 2000) There was a gale blowing – they even had to close the pastie stall as the rain was blowing in. It was better the other 2 visits though!!


  3. Hiyah Mike

    Super shots and nice post processing, not overdone as some do. Tickled me you had Viv’s birthday on the sign post.

    Cheers M8


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