No More HDR Spotting Codes

Not once have I been thanked for the Spotting Codes I’ve made available here and on Twitter/Facebook. At the moment I have one code left which I will give to a deserving user. I’m not asking anyone to beg or anything like that. Post a link, if I like what you do, you can have it…

When it’s gone I’ll say so.



  1. I followed this link from another website I have no clue what HDR is but I just wanted to say what amazing pictures you have I certainly will be coming back to visit again keep up the excellent work 🙂


  2. looked further at the site and now realize what hdr is, I still am amazed by the beautiful pictures here 1 question do you have large versions of these for use as a desktop I think they are stunning


  3. This might be kind of late, but if you still have that code, I’d love to have it. I can’t see to find an invite code anywhere. Here is one of my HDR photos. If you want to see more, just go under the ‘scenery’ set.



    • Sorry Ali, way too late. My understanding is that HDR Spotting is getting swamped by those who are already members and that Trey has asked for more editors to help with the approval process. This may be why there are no invite codes available at the moment. If I get issued any I will keep you in mind. You have some good images in that set. On my other blog “Nothing But HDR” I wrote a criticism of HDR Spotting which has elicited a response from Denis Khoo who runs HDR Spotting. You can read it here


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