New HDR Software Released By Oloneo

Only released yesterday and in Public Beta is a new HDR software from Oloneo called PhotoEngine HDR.  First looks are everything and the interface is easy to use with simple slider controls.

In my short test of PhotoEngine HDR I found the package very user-friendly and intuitive to use. One of the things I really like is the live preview, as you adjust the slider you can see the results straight away. Processing is pretty fast too.

RAW support is built-in and I was able to take an Adobe DNG straight from the camera and adjust it with ease as can be seen below. The first image is the RAW file, unprocessed.

After a quick adjustment with the sliders I pulled this image out. I’m not saying my processing is fantastic as I only had a very short time to complete the review, but you can clearly see the difference PhotoEngine HDR had on the image below

For a software that’s only in beta I’m reasonably impressed so far. You can download a trial copy of Oloneo PhotoBridge beta from their website. There’s also some video tutorials of how the software works. Their site is a bit slow so please be patient….


2 thoughts on “New HDR Software Released By Oloneo

  1. backlitpxl July 14, 2010 / 16:49


    haven’t you experienced any issues regarding to memory limits? I couldn’t make an HDR from 5 bracketed RAW files. After converting them to JPEG, it worked. I have never had issues with memory limits before.


    • arkitekt878 July 14, 2010 / 17:31

      Not so far. I’ve used 5 bracketed RAW’s all in ADOBE DNG format with success every time


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