IHC – MyFinePix

IHC stands for “In House Competition” which is a weekly ” just for fun” competition available on the MyFinePix website. Although the site is aimed at Fuji Camera users, there are a good few other cameras represented. There are two IHC’s running at any time. One for manipulated images and one for straight out of the camera with no real post processing, well, maybe a bit of cropping and straightening. In addition there is also a daily challenge, you know the type, “walk down the road 100 metres from your house and photograph the most interesting thing you see” type of challenge.

The manipulated challenge for this week is to create a picture with lots of other images. There are plenty of Photoshop tutorials which will show you how to do this but just as equally you can download, freely available software from the internet, which will do the task, faster, easier and usually with better results than using Photoshop. I suppose that’s cheating but I’m all for the easy life……….especially where Photoshop is concerned.

In no time I found a little piece of software called AndreaMosaic. It’s easy to use and I was quickly producing Mosaics like this with it

Now I’ve never been one for the simple life, even although that’s what I say in the paragraph above. So I couldn’t leave my mosaic like this, especially as I was going to be putting it into the IHC. Time to fire up Photoshop……

Now that’s much better