It’s all down to interpretation

Whenever we post an image to the internet we should be prepared for it to be interpreted in many ways.  Depending on where you post it there may be total acceptance of the image, as is, or just as equally, you could have some very negative reactions. Take this image for example;

Kylie holding a giant bear in what looks like a rather compromising position

At first glance it does look Kylie is holding his penis and many people have found it funny because this image is all over the internet. Now if you look properly at the image you can see that it is really a microphone Kylie is holding. Why is Kylie laughing. Who knows, maybe someone pointed out to her what this image sort of portrays. When I posted this on the MyFinePix site which is run by Fuji for owners of FinePix cameras, to, as Fuji put it;

“come together to share images, knowledge and inspiration. It’s a buzzing online community featuring galleries, forums, photoblogs, news, features and competitions”.

The first few comments on the image saw it as quite funny. Overnight though someone objected to it and in the world of Fuji that means you’re tried, convicted and sentenced without any right of appeal. The image was immediately withdrawn. However, Fuji do not notify you of the actions they have taken, they just do it.  In the morning, when I noticed the image had been removed, I sent a query to Fuji. You get an automated reply assigning a tracking number, but generally that is all the communication you receive. If Fuji decide the image is OK they re-instate, if they think it’s not, they don’t. As an aside, the same is also true of posts in threads. Someone objects, Fuji immediately withdraw it. No appeal, nothing. if you’re lucky they will re-instate it. Just recently I had a post removed because I was mildly critical of someone and their actions.

Here’s another statement from the MyFinePix Site

“MyFinePix members love to help each other with ideas and tips through our forums. Whatever your knowledge and experience, you’ll meet fellow photographers who can help you learn and develop”.

In some cases that’s true, but there are many users of the MyFinePix site who are not open to suggestions about improving their work. When this happens they’ll mount campaigns against the more experienced photographer. They’ll criticise everything they say or do and will even use Fuji’s much maligned “Star System* to drive an image off the scrolling gallery, considered by many as the pinnacle of their achievements on MyFinePix. It’s no wonder many of the experienced photographers have left the MyFinePix site never to return.

Anyway to get to the point. To those of you who have taken the time to read this, the post on the MyFinePix site directing you here was the last one from me. I have also decided to leave.  My decision wasn’t taken lightly but the shabby treatment that I and others have received from Fuji finally prompted me to action. I am going to spend more time developing my blog and website and concentrating on what matters to me, my photography.

I wish you all well.


24 thoughts on “It’s all down to interpretation

  1. paul hargreaves August 12, 2010 / 08:37

    sorry to see you leave fuji mike
    hope one day we will see you back, enjoyed your wit, and your pictures
    i wish you well



    • arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 17:38

      Paul, thanks for your support but I doubt I will ever return to the MyFinePix site. I am only leaving my profile open until the end of the month, at which point I will be asking Fuji to remove it completely


  2. Kevin Furnell August 12, 2010 / 08:46

    Am really sad to see you go Mike, as Paul says above its been a joy viewing your gallery and I can only see the situation on FinPix getting worse.

    Enjoy developing your website, stay happy and keep snapping.
    By the way, Kylie rocks, or something along those lines 😉



    • arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 17:41

      My main reason for leaving was the stupid censorship and the way it was implemented, not once but twice. I could come on there right now and cause total havoc by reporting as offensive posts and pictures. Fuji will immediately remove them and I would imagine it would be Monday before they would do something about it. frightening really……when you think about it


  3. Chris Hodgson August 12, 2010 / 08:50

    Sorry to hear you are leaving myfinepix. But as you rightly point out, you’re not the first to feel this way. Maybe one day the site will be troll free, or at least more settled and community based.



    • arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 18:58

      Chris, I don’t ever think that will happen. Just when it settles down it all starts up again. I just got sick and tired of all the in-fighting ( the worst was I found myself joining in), that stupid star system and the way blogs are put together. I’d rather be out of it and concentrate on my photography


  4. Dave Bloor August 12, 2010 / 08:56

    Sorry to hear you are leaving the fuji site. I’ve only been on it since June and you comments on any of my photos have always been constructive and very helpful. I can however understand why you are leaving having read some of the things people write. I hope in the very near future you may reconsider coming back as your input to such a site is invaluable. Thank you Mike. All the very Best. Dave Bloor


    • arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 19:05

      Thanks Dave, problem is many people cannot take the constructive comments. I and others used to get hate mail, in the end I had almost stopped commenting it just wasn’t worth the hassle


  5. ItsMeJustG August 12, 2010 / 09:02

    A great shame to lose somebody that has always made a great and positive input to the site.
    An acceptance of other people’s views seems to be sadly lacking more and more these days on MyFinepix.
    Good luck with everything buddy.


    • arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 19:09

      Thanks, it’s a shame that it has come to this. As one of the original beta testers I thought it had so much more promise over the old site. How wrong I was. The same old problems and more, only now on a flashy site that still isn’t right despite many requests by members to Fuji to fix things…


  6. Paul H August 12, 2010 / 09:29

    Sorry to hear your leaving Mike gonna miss your input. Another good member going, I don’t use the forum that much myself just the odd post or reply.

    Good luck.


    • arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 19:10

      Thanks Paul, I’ve had periods where I gave up myself and hardly used it but I think the time is right to make a clean break


  7. Abigail Miseldine August 12, 2010 / 09:59

    I can understand your decision Mike, there are those that can see the image for what it is, those that see the unfortunately comic side and those that just object to any image that could be seen as plain rude. I just wish people in this last category would lighten up.

    You will be missed on Myfinepix and I hope you will keep snapping for many more years to come.


    • arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 19:12

      Abigail, thank you. Sadly I think there will always be problems and I just wasn’t prepared to get involved anymore


  8. Mary August 12, 2010 / 10:14

    I am sorry that you are leaving the Fuji site.
    You always made genuine constructive remarks, and I for one will miss you.
    Like a lot of members I am getting fed up with some of the things people write these days.

    Good luck, and hope to see you back on one day!


    • arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 19:26

      Mary, thank you for your kind comment. It is highly unlikely that I will return. I just find the site too disruptive and to be honest I am sick and tired of having to watch what you say in case someone takes aoffence. hence the reason I have decided to concentrate on my blog where I can show my iamges and say whatever I want, within reason, without fear of censorship



  9. Bob Emmott August 12, 2010 / 10:43

    MyFinePix is a mess and the site has been going nowhere for some time. I seem to remember that the old site (for all its flaws) was rather more about photography. I just logged in today to see if anything had happened – it hasn’t (the same old anti-photoshop threads and people ripping each other apart).

    The few good pics are mostly unnoticed (unless they are wildlife!). Frankly it’s no place for keen photographers to be these days…. I pop in from time to time, shake my head at the forum antics, and move on….

    You are a good photographer – and frankly these days MFP has nothing positive to offer good photographers. Sad but true!
    Best wishes,
    Bob 🙂


  10. arkitekt878 August 14, 2010 / 19:32

    Bob, thank you for your kind comments, Unfortunately I have to agree with you about the MyFinePix site and I honestly don’t believe it will get better despite everything Fuji say. The number of good photographers who have left there, or been driven out, by the mindless few who have their own agendas left me with no option but to get out whilst the going was still good. The final straw for me was two articles in very short time being pulled by Fuji because some reported them as offensive. Fair enough, I didn’t think they were, but Fuji don’t give you any explanation, no right of appeal. It’s censorship by remote control.


  11. DerekB49 August 15, 2010 / 19:29

    Hi Mike..
    Firstly i didnt know you had left fuji as well, until i read a post on twitter… Sadly us beta testers are finding that the site as gone to the dogs, i didnt enjoy the last few months on myfinepix being subjected to stride remarks and down right rudeness… by members who should indeed take a good luck at themselfs every morning.. i was labeled a pervert in the bar none thread at one time, had personal information pasted over the site willy nilly and had no help at all from fuji who ( like you have found) does sweet bugger all to help a member when something is reported to them..

    I for one like you dont think that myfinepix will ever get better, and dont intend to return… i know i have left before but that time i didnt get the hater that i got this time… so i dont forsee me doing a uturn and returning i am enjoying flickr to much.. i agree with you reason for leaveing fuji and agree fuji should explain it a bit more… but then when have they ever listened to its members……


  12. Michael Benjamin August 19, 2010 / 14:51

    Hi Mike, sorry to hear you are leaving but I can’t say I blame you. As Beta testers we were all so excited about the new myfinepix and looked forward to great things. Unfortunately it did not work out the way we hoped and once the Beta testing ended Fuji no longer listened to us. I feel much the same way you do and have often been on the point of leaving but have continued in the hope that things will improve. I’ll give it a couple of months to see if the promised improvements come into being, if not then I too will be taking my leave.


    • arkitekt878 August 19, 2010 / 16:36

      Hi Michael
      I suppose we should have had an inkling of all that could go wrong by the way they dealt with “he who shall not be named” in the early days of the beta testing. For some time now I have been getting this feeling that a “new breed” are beginning to take over at MyFinePix and they have no time for us old timers. It has become more of a social networking site and if I want that I use Facebook which has more safety procedures in place. I don’t think they will improve and as more and more good photographers leave it will become whatever it will become. In the end I just felt tha tthe treatment I received was the final straw and it wastime to take my leave. I had no intention of even vistingthe MyFinePix site again other than to delete my final thread but the joke email I got from MyFinePix today forced me to put that final comment in. When i delte that thread tonight that’s it. I really am gone and I will be asking Fuji to delete my profile in it’s entirety



  13. David Twitty August 19, 2010 / 15:40

    I’ll miss you too Mike – enjoyed meeting you at the NEC!!


    • arkitekt878 August 19, 2010 / 16:26

      David , thank you. It’s always nice to meet up and actually speak in person.


  14. arkitekt878 August 20, 2010 / 14:28

    Well that’s it! My account on MyFinePix was deleted today at my request. Having had a look at the site, one more time just before my account, was deleted, I’m truly glad to be out of it. There are some on there who ought to be ashamed of their conduct regarding the glacier image. Chris I wish you well……


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