I’ve done well on Eyefetch

August has been a good month for me on Eyefetch. I’m a member of 5 groups there, “A Photo a Day”, “Amazing Photo’s”, “Everything Landscapes”, “Knock ’em Dead”, & “The Picture Takers”. Each month each group runs just for fun competitions on a variety of subjects such as Best Friends Forever, Sailing, Water, Animals. You get the picture…… 

Anyway, at this point I’m going to blow my own trumpet and show you some of my placed entries. First of all this second place close-up of a hoverfly sitting on wild fennel 

Second Place in the "Free Study Black and White Only" competition

 Not bad, but there’s more and they’re all first places. 

This one of the fountain at Breitscheide Platz, Berlin with the ruined Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in the background was a 3 exposure High Dynamic Range (HDR) image took first place in the “Amazing Shapes” contest. 

First place in the "Amazing Shapes" competition

OK! What next? Well here’s one of a stormy day in Weston-super-Mare. When the tide and wind are right then Knightstone Island gets battered by waves. Once again this is a High Dynamic Range image, only this time using 5 images. This one won first place in the “Something To Do With Weather” competition. 

First place in the "Something To Do With Weather" competition

 Right we’re on a roll now and there’s more…..I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and one of the is called Rooney.  For those of you in the UK, guess why? If you’re from the US of A forget it. It would take to long to explain. Anyway Rooney is epileptic and during one of his fits he damaged the nerves for his tongue. consequently it nearly always hangs out. Don’t be concerned though. He can eat and drink ok and as long as he’s still chasing cats (Oh Yes) then he’s good to go. Now my best friend is really my wife but Rooney looks cute and so I entered him into Best Friends Forever. A soppy picture of a dog is always a winner…..here he is in all his glory. You must admit he is kinda cute 

First place in the "Best Friends Forever" competition

 Next we go to London, just down from Tower Bridge, for this scene in Black in White. Taken on the same side as the Tower of London. Once again it’s a 5 exposure High Dynamic Range image 

First place in the "Scenes In Black and White" competition

Well that’s about it. So I’ll leve you with this final image from the “Water” contest. It was taken at Dyserth Waterfall which is only five minutes drive from my house in Prestatyn. The waterfall has a 70 foot drop and is best seen after it’s been raining. The River Ffyddion rises 4.5 miles to the east of Dyserth and is joined a mile away at Marian Mills by water from a spring called Ffynnon Asa. After the waterfall the river makes its way westwards and joins the River Clwyd west of Rhuddlan. The Domesday Book of 1086 mentions a mill in the Dyserth area, but whether it was located at the waterfalls is not known. 

First place in the "Water" competition

  So there you have it. Didn’t he do well, as Brucie used to say. However, I’m under no illusions here. There’s not that may entries to these fun competitions so if you submit a half decent image you’re in with a shout…. 


5 thoughts on “I’ve done well on Eyefetch

  1. Steve Ransome September 5, 2010 / 07:55

    Well done Mike, an impressive month indeed.


  2. arkitekt878 September 5, 2010 / 10:26

    Thanks Steve…..


    • arkitekt878 September 6, 2010 / 19:20

      Thanks Wesley. I’ve started trying to make all of my HDR work look more natural. It’s only taken me about 2 years to decide on this route…..


  3. greysqrl September 14, 2010 / 06:53

    Really nice photos there. The second and third ones are particularly great.


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