Playing with Textures……Again!

Victorian Church, originally uploaded by Arkitekt878.

OK I’ve been busy with the textures again. It’s amazing how you can so easily change a drab image into something completely different but you have to choose the right textures. Sometimes I will try one and then realise I don’t really like the effect I get. I’ve no doubt some of you will look at these two images and say “what’s he on about, I don’t like them”.  One thing I have learned is to try the different blending modes available in Photoshop. You’ve also got to try different levels of opacity. Sometimes it doesn’t look right at 100% but looks very good at say 65%. It really is a bit of trial and error sometimes. 

The old church is from a series of stock Victorian Images and there are two textures used here courtesy of landofnodstudios and Pareeerica. There is also a touch of Nik Colour Efex Glamour Glow.

In the second image, the lighthouse is mine, the bears come from the Victorian stock and the textures from Pareeerica and Nasos3