Brownie No2 Model F

Brownie No2 Model F 

I’m lucky to have one of these in my possession. Don’t think you would be able to use it for HDR work though.

The No.2 Brownie box camera was first introduced in 1901. It was manufactured in the US between 1924 and 1933 and in the UK between 1928 and 1935.

The camera that I own has the double lines around the sides which indicate that it was manufactured before 1932. Later cameras had plain surfaces. This one also has a stamp on the back saying that it was made in Canada by the Canadian Kodak Company.

The Model F had an Aluminium body, meniscus lens, 3 aperture settings, bulb and one fixed speed shutter setting, rotary shutter, tripod mountings for portrait and landscape orientations. It requires 120 roll film, produces 9x6cm frames, 8 frames to a standard roll.

The original sale price of the camera was $2.75.. I acquired this one and its brown canvas case when my wife’s aunt passed away.