St Asaph Cathedral

St Asaph Cathedral 

Saint Asaph Cathedral is the Mother Church of the Diocese of St Asaph, one of the six dioceses of the Church in Wales. If you are thinking of visiting Entrance is Free – but donations are welcome.

The Cathedral is the home of the William Morgan Bible and as such provides a vital link with Welsh culture and literature.

Saint Kentigern built his Church here in AD560. When he returned to Strathclyde in AD573 he left Asaph as his successor. Since that time the Cathedral has been dedicated to Saint Asaph and the Diocese bears his name. The present building was begun in the thirteenth century and is reputed to be the smallest ancient cathedral in Great Britain.


3 thoughts on “St Asaph Cathedral

  1. Wayne Frost October 30, 2010 / 23:37

    The wood work is amazing. Very nice image.


  2. arkitekt878 October 31, 2010 / 09:47

    Thank You Wayne. The cathedral is very small more like a large church, but I spent a good hour and a half there taking photos. The good thing was that in all that time only 4 people came in to have a look around so I didn’t really have to worry about them getting in the way….


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