YoHDR – On-line HDR Processing

YoHDR! is a website dedicated to helping you create great HDR photos quickly and easily. Well that’s what they claim on their website. I sense a challenge here. The idea behind YoHDR is that you load up three JPEG’s to their site. One dark, one normal and one bright. Their software does the processing and you have the option of having a vivid or natural image created for you. To be honest you can have both, just click the link for each one in turn.

Anyway back to the challenge. I uploaded three JPEGs to YoHDR’s site. You have to select Pick Dark Photo, then Normal, followed by Bright; then press upload. The upload was extremely fast (seconds). Once uploaded you choose Vivid or Natural and you are then presented with the option to Open or Save the file. Once again the process was extremely fast.

Here’s the results, first of all the Vivid;

YoHDR Vivid Output

Now let’s see what the Natural looks like;

YoHDR Natural Output

For anyone who has never processed an HDR image before they do provide a tutorial explaining what HDR is and how the process works. At the moment YoHDR is in beta so they are giving away for free any images generated through the website. It’s unlikely I would use it full-time, if at all, as I prefer more control of my HDR processing. However I can see it being used by someone wanting to make a start in HDR without having the necessary expense of buying the software. Alternatively it may be of use to someone who just needs maybe one or two HDR images producing.

Please note. I am in no way connected with YoHDR. However I have been in correspondence with them regarding images for use on their website.


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