New Beta of HDR Darkroom Pro released

Ever Imaging have announced that a new beta version of HDR Darkroom Pro is available for download. Ever Imaging say that in this new beta version, many bugs have been fixed and the stability and processing speed have been significantly improved. In the release documentation Ever Imaging announced that more importantly, the following new features are included:

Advanced Alignment Technology is announced
We are very sure you will be impressed and satisfied with the new alignment technology,which is much faster and of better quality.

Support Color Management:
HDR Darkroom Pro is the first HDR software providing the most comprehensive Color Management to achieve the same visual appearance of processed photos on visualization devices, provided the devices are capable of delivering the needed color intensities. The engineers in Ever Imaging Ltd have gone to lengths to create color management with a short learning curve while providing the most professional functionalities.

Share your HDR photos with the world easily
Share your amazing HDR photos by publishing the photos directly to your albums in Flickr and Facebook without leaving HDR Darkroom Pro. Once you are satisfied with the photos processed in HDR Darkroom, with only one click, your photos will be seen by millions of people.

HDR Darkroom download:
HDR Darkroom Pro beta download:

Please note. I am in no way connected with Ever Imaging. However I have been in correspondence with them regarding the beta testing and have supplied some creative commons images for use on their website

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