Free to a good home

I’m not messing about any more. I sent someone an HDR Spotting code, more than a month ago, they’ve never acknowledged my email and according to HDR Spotting they have never used it. 

So here it is 842-896848. Use it wisely.

When it’s gone it’s gone. I’ll do my best to update this entry when I notice it has gone

Which it has…..


2 thoughts on “Free to a good home

  1. Wayne Frost November 29, 2010 / 18:10


    Thanks for the HDR Spotting code, I used it and submitted my first photo for their review today.


  2. arkitekt878 November 29, 2010 / 19:23

    Wayne, you’re welcome. Sometimes it takes a while for HDR Spotting’s editors to release the next batch of images…..


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