HDR Express Lives Up To It’s Name

Yes. it really is leaning....

Whilst I was writing my First Impressions of HDR Express from Unified Color I took time to use several different images to give me a more balanced testing regime. This HDR of the Point of Ayr lighthouse was shot on a late summers evening just as the sun was setting. To get a result from HDR Express, that I was happy with, took me 3 minutes 11 seconds from when I pressed the merge button until I was ready to press the save button. I used Mid-Tone Priority for Tone Mapping and Grunge as the Style. HDR Express set the Contrast to 100 but I brought it back using the slider to about 61. Once again, using the sliders, I increased the Saturation slightly and adjusted the White Balance to make it just a bit more warmer. The Shadow and Highlight buttons allowed me quickly to see where I needed to adjust Shadows and Highlights – what else did you think these buttons would do. The only post after saving the ouput from HDR Express was a touch of Sharpening and then some cropping to give me the final image.

For me HDR Express is certainly living up to it’s name.

Technical Note: Image is a bracket of 5 RAW from -2 to +2 in 1 EV steps taken with a Samsung GX10 fitted with an 18-50mm kit lens @ 28mm. ISO 100, f11, shutter speeds from 1/90 sec to 1/6 sec.  Camera was mounted on a RedSnapper RS-284 Tripod & RSH-12 Ball Head. The shutter was fired using infra-red remote control. HDR processing was with Unified Color‘s  now software HDR Express.

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