Photo Ball

Picture Ball
Sometimes you just want to have a play with Photoshop, maybe try something new and so here’s a little something I knocked up this afternoon. To achieve this I followed a simple tutorial from Gavin Hoey on YouTube, he does a whole series of Photoshop tutorials there. I did modify it slightly to create the background and the border but the main tutorial does show you how to create the ball and the reflection.

2 thoughts on “Photo Ball

  1. Steve Ransome January 24, 2011 / 08:33

    Hiyah Mike. I like the choice of background and the addition of the reflection is smashing. Clever work. Takes a lot more patience than I have.
    See ya


    • arkitekt878 January 24, 2011 / 09:01

      Steve, it’s not too hard to do and Gavin shows you step by step in his tutorial what to do with Photoshop. The hardest part as he explains is to gather together about 25 photographs that you like and want to show in the ball. The background is my own creation. For some time now I’ve been creating backgrounds and textures for using in artwork like this. Just before Christmas I published on MyFinePix the links to all of my free textures. You can use the textures for grunging images like my latest comp or as backgrounds in some cases.


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