Blues Brothers

Blues 4, originally uploaded by Arkitekt878.

Way back in 2007 I got my first digital camera, a FinePix S304; cost me an arm and a leg. Not long after that I started experimenting with High Dynamic Range Imaging after being introduced to the technique by Peter Van Allen. You can check out his website here or his Flickr Photostream here. At the time it just blew me away as I could see the possibilities of combining the HDR technique with digital art. Problem was I didn’t really have a camera suitable for HDR mainly because the S304, great little camera that it is, didn’t do AEB. Well at the time I didn’t think it was suitable. I know differently now.

Jump forward to 2008, I’m in Universal Studios, Florida, and I’ve just taken a whole load of photo’s from the Blues Bothers show. They’re pretty grainy and noisy to start with because I had to up the ISO to get a decent image without blurring. Putting them through PhotoMatix just made them worse. Funnily enough the noise actually helped because as I was quite aggressive in removing it this tended to give a very smooth look to the final image. Using a blue tint and adding in some light beams gave the final effect.

Anyway I was so proud of this I submitted it to the Fuji monthly competition and within hours it was withdrawn for copyright reasons. Took me a while but I managed to convince Mr Fuji and Gladys the tea lady that it was all my own work and not a copy of anything. So it was re-instated. Never won the camera though……