The Sea Is A Dangerous Place

Sometimes I wonder about the sanity of people. I had been out for the day photographing waves crashing against the sea wall in Weston-super-Mare as I wanted some stock shots for later use. It was a windy day, with a higher than normal tide prediction, so it promised to give me the shots I wanted. Plenty of spray and white water. Having got what I needed I started walking back to my car when I spotted this woman walking a dog and carrying another one along the causeway between Knightstone Island and the old sea wall. Waves were already breaking over the causeway and it only takes a large one from an unpredictable sea and we could have a serious incident.

The causeway helps to enclose the Marine Lake which was once an open pebbly bay with Knightstone Island to the south. Medicinal baths were built on the island and this causeway linked the island to the town. Marine Lake was originally known as Glentworth Bay which had a pebble and shingle beach, swept twice a day by the tide. Weston has the second highest tidal range in the world and it comes in relatively fast, especially when it’s windy and is one of the higher tides of the season. Exactly like it was this day.

I was getting really worried at this point. The woman and her dogs still had a good 100 metres to go and the waves were really crashing over the causeway now.

The little dog was swept away at one point and only being on the lead stopped it from getting washed away into the sea. As the woman carried on towards safety another wave came crashing over the causeway this time catching the little dog and spinning it round. Fortunately the lead saved it again.

As you can see by now in the short time that this woman has taken to walk over part of the causeway, it’s already covered by the sea. Compare the first image to the one above. I really don’t know what induced her to walk over the causeway but her actions could so easily have ended in tragedy. Fortunately it did not and she made it to the other end safely, but very wet.

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  1. Hiyah Mike

    Poor dog, never mind the idiot with only two legs!!!! Thanks for your birthday wishes too Mike.



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