What Is A Drobo?

Drobo is the award-winning data storage device that provides an unprecedented combination of sophisticated data protection, affordable capacity, and ease-of-use to over 150,000 global customers – and they want you to be one of those satisfied Drobo owners. (To learn more about Drobo, click here)

Drobo are giving away more than 100 Drobos in May and June to the most compelling idea or deserving cause – and there will also be some Drobos for you and your business, too! (See the end of this post for more information.)

To get the 100 Drobos for your cause*, simply create a video, or photo collage, or written essay, or other creative presentation of your idea and post it publicly on YouTube, Facebook, or a blog by midnight, Tuesday, May 31.

Then send Drobo a link to your idea…and get all your friends to vote for you using the code they’ll give you. Voting is open until midnight, Friday, June 17.

(*your cause: could be a school, a charity, a medical program, a global initiative… the sky’s the limit!)

More details, examples, and entry form at www.drobo.com/100drobos.

If you are pondering a new Drobo, check out the latest review of Drobo on ZDNet.

Drobos for you: Even if you don’t have an idea for 100 Drobos, vote for an entry on the website OR add a link from your site to www.drobo.com on your web page or Facebook and email them the URL of the page where you posted it. They’’ll be picking winners from folks who link in too! (That’s what I’m doing here)

Link to Drobo and win:

If you want an image for Facebook, right-click (pc) or ctrl-click (mac) and download the image here.

If you have your own web page, just paste in this code here:

(<a  href=”
http://www.drobo.com/resources/this_is_drobo.php”><img alt=”What is a Drobo? Click Here to Find Out” src=”http://www.drobo.com/images/green_btn.png”/&gt;)

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What is a Drobo? Click Here to Find Out