Freebies From The Team Behind Artizen HDR

Those good people responsible for Artizen HDR are making available some Photoshop plug-ins for free. Now I don’t know about you but I’m all for trying out freebies and I have to say I have been using the Dramatic and Natural plug-ins for some time now. So why the give-away? Well the team at Artizen felt that their Photoshop plug-ins required more time than they could give them as selling products. That left them with 2 choices, either ditch them completely and let them disappear forever or just give them away for free. Their decision was to give them away for free. However, as we all know, even when we get freebies given to us we usually try to push for some support.  Now the nice guys at Artizen, even although they’re giving away the plug-ins for free, have decided to provide some support for the product. However, they will just not move it forward or develop the plug-ins further.

So there you have it. You can have the Photoshop plug-ins, all of which have had a lot of hard work put into them, for free. Meanwhile the team at Artizen will devote their time to making SCI Fhotoroom a better site with services and focus on making Artizen HDR a better product.

Here are all the links and tell a friend because we all know someone who uses Photoshop and wouldn’t say no to some new free toys.

PanoTransform Plug-in

Dramatic HDR Plug-in

Natural HDR Plug-in

Dreamy Plug-in

3 thoughts on “Freebies From The Team Behind Artizen HDR

  1. Thanks very much Mike. I used to use Artizen but it got leapfrogged by other packages. I am all for some free stuff as you say. I will give the plugins damn good go.


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