Another HDR Spotting Code

No hoops to go through, None of this show me your gallery, send me an email, read so many posts on my blog etc. No! I prefer the straight old law of supply and demand.

I have a code, you want it.

So how much is it worth to you to join arguably one of the best HDR sites out there. £5, £20, £100, maybe even more. Sorry no cheques. Cash must be sent in a plain brown envelope. Highest bidder gets it.

Please Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, as yet to be experienced, I will be unable to return the contents of any envelopes sent to me.

Should you wish to discuss this further then you can contact me on 842-176921 

The number given above is a one time shot, once it’s used, that’s it, it will no longer be available. therefore use it wisely… have been warned and if you haven’t already worked it out it’s the invite code. Have fun and I hope you enjoy HDR Spotting

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