Knightstone Island

I know I’ve shown images of Knightstone Island before but this is slightly different. It’s from Knightsone Island looking along the causeway towards Dauncys Hotel. Knightstone Island historically housed a theatre, swimming pool and sauna. After years of disrepair and dereliction, the area was redeveloped by Redrow Homes. During 2006/2007, luxury apartments were built on the site.

At high tides the causeway is often covered by the sea. In earlier posts here I have shown the danger of this as people try to walk along the causeway when the tide is already washing over it. I’ve also posted an article about a stormy night on Knightstone Island.

Technical Note: Image is a bracket of 3 RAW from -2 to +2 in 2 EV steps taken with a Samsung GX10 fitted with an 18-50mm kit lens @ 18mm. ISO 100, f8, shutter speeds from 4 sec to 15 sec. Camera was mounted on a RedSnapper RS-284 & RSH-12 Ball Head and the shutter was fired using infra-red remote control. HDR processing was with Unified Color‘s HDR Express


3 thoughts on “Knightstone Island

  1. Steve Ransome June 23, 2011 / 16:30

    Hi Mike. I remember seeing this with that lady walking the dog during high tide. Stupid Bitch!! I like the treatment here. Cheers M8y


  2. Mike Hardisty June 23, 2011 / 17:45

    Steve….thought it was time to go back and do some HDR work. Too much wildlife recently. I’m now using HDR Express full time for all my HDR stuff as I can get very natural looking HDR images with it


  3. steve zingo July 19, 2011 / 06:13

    this is a awesome picture . I have enjoyed looking at all your stuff on this site. I am new to photography and hope to take pictures like this someday . this just blew me away ! thanks for sharing, steve


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