Hong Kong Minibuses

Buses in Hong Kong are plentiful and comfortable, and most are air-conditioned.  Bus routes cover almost all of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories and final destinations are prominently displayed in English and Chinese on the front of the bus.

Minibuses are small passenger buses that carry about 16 people. Green minibuses operate on specific routes at fixed prices. Exact payment is required when getting on. Octopus cards are accepted. Redminibuses operate on routes that are not always fixed and passengers can get on and off anywhere along the route except where special prohibitions apply. Pay as you alight. The driver can provide change for small notes.Once filled, minibuses won’t stop until someone asks to get off. Minibuses are best suited for people who can speak some Cantonese and who are familiar with Hong Kong, but saying that I didn’t find any problems using them.

3 thoughts on “Hong Kong Minibuses

  1. i’d love to visit hong kong someday…my father was from there…though i never knew him…he died when i was one. i never wanted to visit asia…but now that i’m 62…it might be time. thanks for the motivation. this photo is brilliant! 🙂


    1. Hong Kong is such a beautiful and vibrant city. My son lives there and works in the American International School. He wouldn’t come back to the UK now or at any time in the future. For me it’s a photographers dream, I could spend weeks there and still be finding something new to photograph each day.


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