Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

Two years ago I was lucky to attend the Weston-super-Mare Carnival which you can read about here During the carnival I shot off a load of images of people taking part. The original background to this image was a part of a carnival float but it was just too distracting, so I cut him out and added him to a background of my own.

Does that dark background work?

To cut him out I used a great program called Topaz Re-Mask, post processing in Photoshop was basically blending the layers and adding a touch of NIK Glamour Glow, which helps with blending the two layers. As the area around his eyes was dark I also used a bit of the Photoshop Dodge tool just to highlite the eyes.


37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Colorful

    1. I think what helped to bring out the character was the low light. The carnival is on a winters night and the only light is from the thousands of light bulbs on the floats. It meant I could photograph without using flash…


    1. Thank you. On the night I took this photograph he was the only one who did not acknowledge me, Others smiled but he just sort of stared into empty space.


    1. The old background was very distracting and took away from that expressive face and colour of his outfit. I made the decision to mute the background by basically removing it and substituting something else.


  1. This background totally works ! Your subject is really in the center of the attention. That’s really a great colorfull photo ! Congratulation !!


    1. Probably came from the lighting, I could have spent ages in Photoshop correcting things but in the end I just changed the background because it was too busy….


  2. To me this pic is symbolic fpr irony. Colours usually mean happy, joyous!
    This man looks very pained somehow.
    But an awesome click!


  3. Hi! Great image! The background works completely with his sombre look, and then the contrast with the colour 🙂
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and taking the time to leave a comment – appreciated 🙂


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