Sunset In A Field

Last night was perfect, nice and warm, clear skies with a hint of a good sunset to come. I spotted these bales a couple of days ago, there was easy access to the field and somewhere to park the car whilst I was taking the photographs.

This image was a bracket of 5 exposures (-2,-1,0,+1,+2 Ev) all at ISO 100 and aperture of f8. The bracket of 5 were processed for HDR with Unified Color‘s HDR Express and post in Photoshop was to apply a hint of NIK Color Efex Low Key filter.

8 thoughts on “Sunset In A Field

      1. Hi. It was taken on the outskirts of a little village called Dyserth in Wales. Most of the area around here is rural although we are only about a mile from the sea.


    1. I must admit I really like this one myself. When I was standing in the field which hadn’t long been mowed I was getting buzzed all the time by biting flies, but it was worth it.


  1. Very nice picture. Love the HDR effect. Is there a free HDR software out there that can combine multiple exposure shots into an HDR picture?


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