Photo A Day August – 1st

Today has not been a great start for my attempt to create one HDR photo every day, during the month of August, using Unified Color‘s HDR Express. Although it’s finally stopped raining we are expecting heavy rain later this afternoon. Not the best conditions for HDR Photography.

As this is the first day of my personal challenge where better to start than where I’m currently living and that’s Prestatyn in North Wales. So what’s special about Prestatyn? Well, depends on your point of view it’s either the beginning (or end) of the Offa’s Dyke Path National Trail? I’m going to say it’s the beginning.

The Offa’s Dyke walking trail links Prestatyn with Sedbury Cliffs, Chepstow and is named after King Offa, a Mercian King who built a dyke between Wales and England in the 8th century AD. There has long been a debate about the purpose of the dyke. Was it a boundary between Wales and England? Or a customs barrier? How did it work?

The name given to this work is ‘dechrau a diwedd’ (beginning and end). The name acknowledges the nature of the Offa’s Dyke Path National Trail and Prestatyn as a point of departure or arrival. The trail is symbolised by a stylised representation of the sun. To either side of the sun sculpture are paved areas, some made of local Welsh, limestone.The limestone blocks provide seating and also photo opportunities for hikers starting or finishing the trail.

6 thoughts on “Photo A Day August – 1st

  1. Love this one Mike, the reflections off the metal look very good. Mind you, I would give you a pat on the back, but only to get rid of the wind (turbines on the right).!!! Lol
    Smashing work.


    1. Well It’s a start Steve. I did think about those windmills but they are part of the scene and in the end I decided to leave them in. This one really was a slap and dash job. Down to the sea-front, bang off a quick 5 at one aperture, then another at a larger aperture, Check the histograms, and then back to process them….


  2. Love the metal reflections in this one, heard about the Offa’s Dyke Path when we played Kington GC, can’t remember if it was the owner of the B&B we stayed at or the Pro at the golf club who mentioned it.


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