Photo A Day August – 9th

Hillside Garden Shelter was built in 1929, and at the time was the highest point on the Prestatyn to Gwaenysgor road providing a great view over Prestatyn and the north Welsh coast. To take full advantage of the viewpoint a shelter was constructed at the expense of a local benefactor, J F King of Stoneby, and presented to the town of Prestatyn on the 6th of December. The structure is an innovative early use of concrete, probably combining precast and cast in situ elements.

The shelter consists of a viewing platform in the form of two terraces, the larger upper one concave at the front and the lower one convex. Both terraces have at front a balustrade consisting of square concrete balusters, with a broad concrete rail at top, and divided into bays by concrete piers.

The shelter became the centrepiece of a public garden marking the continued development of Prestatyn as a resort in the early 20th century. Tree-planting work in the vicinity had commenced in 1924, though most of the work to convert the surrounding quarry-land into a terraced garden took place in the 1930s as unemployment relief. During 1933 up to 57 unemployed men enrolled in a scheme to clear the surrounding area, plant pine trees and lay out rose beds and rock gardens. In return they received food parcels. Behind the shelter is a stone gorsedd circle commemorating the eisteddfod held in Prestatyn at the beginning of the 20th Century.

3 thoughts on “Photo A Day August – 9th

  1. Hello Mike, I hope you are getting plenty of interest in your daily shots. Not only is it a daunting task to do one every day, I think you effort should be applauded too.
    cheers M8. By the way, done a photoblog on our trip to York if you care to take a peep.


    1. Hi Steve…

      It’s hard work finding something different which can be given the HDR treatment in whatever way I do it. For instance I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow, especially as they are predicting heavy rain again. I’ve been waiting for the yorkie blogs to appear. Meanwhile I’m busy putting one together from the Air Show. Over two days, took about 860 photographs. I reckon I could quite happily use about 500 but at least I got a new comp entry from one of them.



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