Eagle & Child Inn

The Eagle and Child Inn can be found in the village of Gwaenysgor. Situated at the top of Prestatyn Mountain, its location provides the ideal spot for walkers and sightseers to relax and enjoy the views. The inn was originally a stone farm croft which was converted to an inn more than 100 years ago. The last series renovation took place in 2007. You can read more about the inn and its history by visiting the Eagle and Child website

This is an HDR image created from a bracket of 5 images and processed with Fhotoroom HDR 3.0.3

3 thoughts on “Eagle & Child Inn

  1. Very nice Mike, the building and stone walls look great, not too sure about that sky though. A smidgen over-the-top dare I say. (goes and hides)


    1. Hi Steve, you’re right. When I look at it again the sky is just a bit overdone. I should have masked in the originals which would have softened them. I’ve been trialling new piece of HDR software called Fhotoroom HDR. It’s been around for ages and was previously called Artizen HDR but the boys in Canada have completely revamped it and renamed it Fhotoroom HDR . As well as being an HDR program it’s also a digital photo editor, not as powerful as Photoshop, but it does have a lot of the features.



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