International Space Station

It’s a beautiful clear night here in my part of the UK, so as the ISS was due to make a pass over I thought I’d try to photograph it tracking across the sky. Thanks to NASA I was able to see that it was due about 22:26 so I made sure I had my camera mounted on it’s tripod and I positioned myself in a nice dark part of the garden. My aim was to catch the trail of the space station as it passed overhead so I had the lens set to wide-angle. Camera settings were F8 and bulb which would allow me to take a 30 second, or longer exposure, ISO 100 would help to keep the noise down. Right on time the ISS appeared in the sky passing from West to East. It appears as a bright star in the sky and moves pretty fast, tonight it was visible for about 3 minutes.

You can see the track of the space station, looks like a contra-trail from a jet. The other little light blobs you see are stars, which are also moving but not as fast as the  space station. To make it stand out I coloured the exposure but I’ve done nothing else to it other than cropping.

One thought on “International Space Station

  1. Hi Mike
    The trail is much clearer on here than on Fuji. It was a great experience though to watch it pass over. Just another “I seen it” to add to my life experiences. Cheers M8


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