Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

I don’t normally take photographs of flowers so I have absolutely no idea what the name of this flower is. I found it growing in the rocks down near Tintagel in Cornwall and decided to shoot it as it was at eye-level with me. Maybe someone can identify it…..


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers

  1. This is such a dramatic flower and photo. The blue is fantastic and I am so pleased for you to have found it growing in the rocks, almost as though it had been waiting so it could pose for you!


  2. Hello Mike, this looks like some kind of Orchid. What a cracking flower it is too. A smashing blue and to think something so delicate can be found in a hard place. Cheers Mike.


    1. Hi Steve…it was down in the rocks at the bottom of a cliff. I had followed the coastal path because I wanted to get to a little inlet were the waves were crashing against into the rocks, this just stood out against all drab colours


    1. Thank you for your comment. Flowers really are the last thing I look at when I’m out, I’m usually looking at the light to see how I’m going to use it. You’re right maybe I should look around a bit more and spend time to photogr aph the flowers that I see around me.


    1. We moved into our house last year and are still trying to get the gardens established. This year we planted loads of climbers and flowering shrubs but it will be while before we see the benefit. Next year, its going to be summer flowers, especially blue ones


    1. Thank you for your comment. Someone else has identified it as a Common Dog Violet. I’m not sure though as I’m not really into flowers and I really only shot this one by chance.


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