Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

In 2002 the idea of a Nobel Square was initiated by the then Premier of the Western Cape, Ebrahim Rasool. The idea was to honour South Africa’s four Nobel Peace Prize Laureates for the role they played in achieving peace and democracy. Each one at a different time in history. Four sculptures now stand in the form of a crescent with Table Mountain in the background.

They are slightly larger than life-size and have each individual’s preferred quotations engraved in their chosen language in front of the sculptures.

The four Laureates are:

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Faces

    1. Go down to the V&A. With Table Mountain to your back, Turn left and follow the waterfront, always keeping Table Mountain to your LHS. Walk about 1/2 mile and you should see it…


    1. Although I was on a business trip to Cape Town I always take time to try and explore the surrounding area. In some ways I think they are in the wrong place, at the end of a shopping mall come marina come restaurant and tourist area. If it were me I would have wanted to honour them by placing the statues right in the main square of the shopping area.


    1. Tourists always find things that locals never do….I found a 6ft bronze representation of a Roman Helmet on part of the Offa’s Dyke Trail last week. I didn’t know it existed and I only live 1/2 mile away from it…


  1. It is so nice that a monument exists to celebrate these fine individuals. I had the incredible good fortune to see Desmond Tutu speak live…. I will never forget it.


  2. I love your entries for this challenge, Mike. Thanks for sharing your photos and making us aware of this honor. Also, I appreciate your visit to my blog and leaving a pingback.


  3. Since I’m almost certain I’ll never visit South Africa…I’m grateful that you can bring glimpses of that country to me…

    mahalo (Hawaiian for “thank you”)… 🙂


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