Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

One of the great advantages of the internet is that as long as you can get access, be it mobile, wireless hot spot, or even cabled, you can get then usually get at your stored data. At the moment I am sitting in a caravan, writing this using my laptop, having managed to pick up a hot spot. The access link is very weak, keeps fading in signal strength but has maintained the connection.

I don’t have access to my normal files at home but I have stored some of my images on Flickr and luckily some of them are sunsets. So I hope you enjoy this one

21 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Sunset

    1. Round that area it usually is in the summer. During the winter not too many people go there. Funnily enough I visited there today and because we are experiencing a late burst of really warm weather it was pretty crowded….


    1. Thank you. This was a chance photograph. Behind where I was standing was a large wheel all lit up and that’s what I had intended to photograph. I had just set everything up, turned round to take a last look that no one was going to walk into the frame when I saw this opportunity. It was too good to miss…


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