Seasons Greetings

I’m very lucky that I have a series of old style post-cards in JPEG format. I’ve selected some of them and put them to music for a YouTube video….

I’d like to thank everyone who has subscribed to my blog or commented on any of my posts over the last year and I look forward to your continued support in the New Year.

Mike Hardisty

3 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings

  1. Hello Mike.

    It is a cracking set of old style cards. Not too hot on the music though!!! Ha ha. I will try, if I have time to continue to pop by your site. I am finding Fuji a little overrought of late and drifting ever so more to be the crap site you once told me it was when we first met at the NEC three (I think) years ago.

    I am going to the NEC on the Monday. See ya on the train if you are going. Till then, have a great Christmas Mike and thank YOU for all you have done over this past year.

    Happy Christmas M8 and all the very very best for the coming New Year.



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