Copper Mountain – Anglesey

Copper Mountain Anglesey

Parys Mountain – in the Welsh language Mynydd Parys – is located south of the town of Amlwch in north-east Anglesey, Wales. It is the site of a large copper mine that was extensively exploited in the late 18th century.

The mountain was mined for copper ore in the early Bronze Age, as shown by sub-surface debris nearly 4,000 years old revealed during excavations in 2002. Since then access has been regained to the sealed underground workings of the Parys mine revealing further evidence for this ancient mining. Parys Mountain is thus one of the few sites in Britain where there is evidence for the prehistoric beginnings of the British metal mining industry.

The 18th century miners recognised that they were following in the steps of much earlier workers, an observation that was then linked to the discovery locally of copper ingots bearing Roman inscriptions.

There is a way-marked trail around the mountain, giving views of Amlwch Port to the north and the nearby Trysglwyn wind farm to the south.

Due to the high level of soil contamination little plant life survives on or near the mountain, but there are a number of examples of copper-tolerant plants and bacteria. The bare, heavily mined landscape give the mountain a strange appearance which has been used in the filming of science fiction films or television shows such as a scene in Mortal Kombat: Annihilation.


4 thoughts on “Copper Mountain – Anglesey

  1. Hi Mike

    Been here a few times myself, never with a camera though. The colour of the rocks, spoil and even the water have that “tinge” to them. I might try and get up there as I find this one a little inspirational!!! Nice work again Mike.



  2. When we cruised through the British Isles in the Fall, we were scheduled to see a castle in Wales. Unfortunately it took the ship, the Queen Mary II, longer than expected to travel up the Mersey River to Liverpool because of the low tide, so the tour had to be cancelled. Rather than take an alternate tour, we walked around Liverpool. Lovely…

    but I would’ve loved to see a little part of Wales… 🙂


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