No More CC Images

Over the holiday period I conducted an annual audit of my images which are posted on my blog, Flickr account and website. It saddens me to say that this year I have found many more than normal being given away as free wallpapers, used on commercial sites and in some cases being combined with other images to be sold on stock photography sites.

I have supported Creative Commons Licensing for some time now and had no objections to images being used as long as I was attributed as the photographer. My reasoning has always been that some images will be used, with or without my permission, if they are published on the web. Anyone who believes differently is naive. However, I mistakenly thought that by making my images CC with attribution I would at least get some recognition if an image was used. How wrong I was.

Therefore it saddens me to say that as from today 09 Jan 2012 all images I publish to the web, on any site, will now be in low resolution, small size (no greater than 750 pixels on the largest size) and contain a watermark establishing my copyright.

In the meantime I am now in the process of starting DMCA Take Down action where possible.

If you have concerns about the illegal use of your images then have a look at the Photographers Rights Group on Flickr. There is a wealth of advice and information that may help you should you need to take action

Photographers’ Rights Group.



6 thoughts on “No More CC Images

  1. Robert! January 10, 2012 / 10:04

    Good thinking


  2. This doesn’t surprise me, Mike, I suspected this with my own images. Unlike you, I didn’t want to know … or rather was in denial .. now you have my curiosity to look into this. Thanks!


  3. Margie January 12, 2012 / 03:27

    I am only a very novice photographer, and I do not derive any income from what I do, but I would be very upset if I discovered someone was using one of my photos on their blog without my permission. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when WordPress bloggers use WordPress’s reblog feature. Even though a reblogged post contains a link back to the author, a reblogged photo is still appearing on that person’s blog without permission.
    I have found a few bloggers whose entire blog consists of reblogging other people’s posts. Often these posts look as nice as they do because of the photograph.


  4. blastedgoat January 29, 2012 / 22:00

    I’m so sorry you had to take that action 😦 I still believe in CC but I respect you and your talent… you deserve recognition! I usually detest watermarks (this is usually when someone puts a really bad one on an undeserving photo, not like the ones that look more professionally done on high quality work like you are doing!) Unfortunately, some find watermarks and less quality images on their blogs necessary in this copy and steal web-culture we live in… I will continue to take a peek at what you produce here with no hard feelings because you’ve provided a great argument for why CC needs to be respected and used correctly. There is no excuse to use someone’s work without permission especially if all they want is credit. Good luck in the future, I will check out the photographer rights group and be much more aware of this subject in the future!


    • Mike Hardisty January 29, 2012 / 23:50

      Thank you for your comment. Only yesterday i had to issue Take Down Notices to two web-sites, one in the USA and one in the UK for breach of the CC License. I am no longer going to tolerate these abuses. I have said that anything I released previously as CC will stay CC. In all fairness I cannot withdraw a CC license now. However if I find a CC image being used for commercial purposes or not giving me recognition then I will take action. It really does pain me to do this but after finding some of my images being sold as well that was the final straw.


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