Photo Of The Year 2011

I’ve just been told that my photograph has won Photo Of The Year 2011 for the MyFuji Group on Flickr. You can see all of the entries here, and there were some great ones. To see the three placed entries follow this link.

There isn’t a prize or anything like that but you do get the recognition from fellow photographers and for me that’s more than enough.

Want to know more about the MyFuji Group? Here’s some information from the Groups front page;

Way back in the mists of time this group was formed by a group of photographers who were having problems with

These photographers all used Fuji cameras and called the Group “MyFuji Members.” Over a period of time they became good friends and although members gradually upgraded their cameras to include other makes, it was decided that the group should stay together.

So now the members use a wide variety of makes of cameras.
The photostream and threads are a mixture of Fuji and non Fuji images and all the competitions are open to all, irrespective of make of camera

The most important aspect of this group is the friendliness and helpfulness of the members

Interested in taking part? Head on over to the MyFuji Group on Flickr

5 thoughts on “Photo Of The Year 2011

  1. Oh yes Mike, I remember this one. I thought it brilliant then and I still do. Stunning and I think as I said at the time, just the right amount of HDR, natural and enhancing.


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