Talacre Beach Lighthouse

The lighthouse at Talacre Beach, North Wales. Long since abandoned it's up for sale @ £100k

Established in 1777 and discontinued 1883, Talacre Beach Lighthouse, or more correctly, Point of Ayr lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in Wales. It was one of a series of lights protecting boats using Liverpool Bay. If you live in the UK and have seen the new advert with the Dulux dog running along the beach with a lighthouse in the background, this is it. Played by four different dogs, the Old English Sheepdog’s run in sight of the landmark Talacre lighthouse is the climax to the paint company’s new commercial.

This image has been created with Machinery HDR Effects from a bracket of  3 RAW images (-2 to +2). Image details ISO 200, f16, camera Samsung GX-10.

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