Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

The official photographer for ZapCats standing on rocks by the edge of the shore

Now you might say what has this got to do with “Hope”? You could be right but there again ……

I have always believed that any theme which uses abstract words like Hope, Dreams, Thoughts, etc is very much down to the interpretation of the individual photographer and because of this you will see a varied and interesting medley of photographs.

So where does “Hope” appear in this image for me. Well if I tell you the photographer was standing on rocks with the waves crashing in then at the time I had hopes that;

    • he wouldn’t slip and fall in
    • water didn’t get in that expensive lens
    • he had that kit insured
    • one day I might be able to afford a lens like that

He didn’t fall in, water didn’t get in the lens and yes the kit was insured. I still can’t afford to buy a lens like that, though, so I’m still hoping……

27 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hope

  1. Goodness I am surprised you didn’t overbalance, that is some lens! Great take on Hope 🙂


  2. Your post made me smile. Great shot and that is a huge lens. I hope one day you’ll get one, but you seem to be doing quite well without one. 😉


  3. Excellent job! And I agree; these abstract themes sure do allow for a lot of intrepretation. In my mind, that’s the greatest part of this whole Weekly Photo Challenge. It’s awesome to see and hear what people think when they hear a word.



  4. Returned to your site after a quick look & post regarding the “Hope” challenge. Enjoyed viewing your HDR images today. These are fun images to set up and process. I have to remind myself to take HDR shots more often.


  5. I definitely see hope here. That’s quite a lens. I’d like to be able to afford equipment like that someday, too, but I don’t think I could carry all that.


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