52/2012 Week 7

I live right on the outskirts of our town. From my front door I can see country-side fields and the sea. At this time of the year the lambs are just being born and all you can hear from the fields around our house are their constant calls, day and night. But I don’t mind. It’s only for a short time of the year and if you don’t like the sounds of the country you shouldn’t buy a house near the country.

Reminds me of a group of people who bought new houses near a small, but busy regional airfield which had been there since the early 1930’s. They started complaining about the noise and went to court to try to get the airport closed. Understandably the case was thrown out.

10 thoughts on “52/2012 Week 7

  1. I wonder what all those lambs really think about having their nice new coats painted with pink numbers!


  2. We have a park in Richmond, Va. that has lambs (and other baby animals) in the spring. It is such a joy to see all the babies frolicking about. Your photo reminds me of the many times we’ve taken the kids to see them. This photo is wonderful with the innocence of your lamb and the lush growth surrounding him/her. Somehow, I think the sounds of the lambs would be more of a joy than not. I’m sure it beats planes flying overhead.


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