Tight Squeeze

Last week when I was in Llanrwst taking photographs for the Bridges and Waterfalls post I happened to catch this mobile home being transported through the high street.

Large mobile home being transported through very narrow strrets

Now the High Street in Llanrwst is quite narrow, room enough for cars and buses to pass each other with a squeeze, but something as large as the trailer you see above needs almost both sides of the road to pass through safely.

Problem is one side of the road was closed for repairs which meant this trailer was going to have to be careful about getting through without causing damage.

Forced over to the right-hand side of the road, the back-end of the trailer is getting very close to the edge of the buildings. Meanwhile the traffic is building up behind where I’m standing as it’s taken the truck driver about 5 minutes to get into this position.

There’s no going back now, he’s committed….and that’s very close

Now what you can’t see is just around that corner is the Santander Bank and they have a sign. Not a big one by any means but it does stick out over the pavement (sidewalk for my American friends).

Looking close….does he make it? Of course he does and with inches to spare.

On he went, our intrepid truck driver. Nothing could stop him now. Well not quite true. He reached a spot just further up where the safety barriers made it impossible for him to pass.

He did get through, though. They moved the barrier and that mini-digger you can see on the left hand side and that was it. He was clear to carry on.

I have the greatest of respect for truckers carrying heavy or wide loads. They don’t always know what’s round the corner and have to rely on their experience and driving skills to get their load safely to its final destination.

5 thoughts on “Tight Squeeze

  1. I wouldn’t be brave enough to attempt hauling something that large between those buildings on that narrow street. It looks like an accident getting ready to happen. I hope the home made it to it’s destination without incidence.


  2. I would have been out there taking pictures also. My daughter thinks I take pictures of everything, and I do. The driver is an excellent one. I’ve seen many get through tight spaces. I would have made a new lane by knocking down a few buildings with my load. Thanks for sharing.



  3. Wow, your pictures are great! I actually felt like I was driving and was a bit nervous, to tell the truth. Wasn’t sure I…I mean he… was gonna make it through there. Glad he did. 😉


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