Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

How fortunate that this weeks challenge should be about indulgence. Last week I was lucky to be invited to attend one day at the Battle for the Dragon competition, which is part of the Welsh International Culinary Championships, held this week at Llandrillo College. The competition also gave me the opportunity to use my  Samsung P&S camera, small enough to take to events, rather than using a large DSLR.

The event has many exciting competitions, including the National Chef of Wales competition and the prestigious Battle for the Dragon, contested between Italy, Germany and of course Wales. I was attending on the day that Germany were competing.

The three courses prepared by the German team that we would eating

So what was on the menu?

Leg of Goose, Walnut, Pumpernickel, Quail Egg, Quail Breast, Parsley, Truffles

Fillet and Leg of Suckling Pig, Ceps, Potatoes, Chervil Root, Tomatoes, Carrot

Assiette of Plum and Tonga Bean, Garnished with Chocolate and Mace

Now that’s what I call indulgence in a big way and although the portions are not big, the flavours certainly are. For the Battle of the Dragon we were seated the restaurant with magnificent views of over to the Great Orme.

Inside the Great Orme View Restaurant at Llandrillo college

During the three-day event hundreds of chefs and waiting staff from Wales, England, Ireland and overseas  competed in dozens of culinary competitions. In the image below you can see the judges looking at an entry from the Sushi competition.

Judging at the Welsh Culinary Championships

During the championships the public can come in and sample the delights on offer. Each day, there were live hot and cold food competitions running as well as exhibition classes. Events were streamed live across the internet, to competing teams friends and families in over 20 countries, using the college’s website.

Events are streamed live during the Welsh Culinary Championships

The attention to detail on entries was excellent, look at this decoration which won first prize in it’s class….

…or this table decoration which just stood out from the rest on display.

Now back to our meal, which was excellent and in the end Germany did win the competition. However we did have an extra bit of excitement to add to the day. We were just getting ready for coffee when the fire alarm sounded, which meant the college had to be evacuated. So we all ended up in the car-park until the cause of the alarm was found.

Fortunately it was nothing serious and within ten minutes we were able to go back in and finish our indulgence day.

41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulge

  1. Hi Mike

    Looks like a great event. That food (although small portions!!!) looks very tempting and the cake is outstanding. I found it “alarming” that the Germans won too!!! Lol

    Cheers M8


  2. I hope those first 3 entrees were not the entire meal. I’d starve, even if I ate all three. But they do look good. Yum. And I absolutely love the little circus display decoration. That would have been a good entry for ‘colorful’ as well.


    1. yes, there wasn’t a lot but the taste was fantastic. I was hungry when i left the restaurant so we stopped off for good old Fish and Chips on the way home. Now that is indulgence….


  3. What a fantastic event to have attended with not only good “eats” but wonderfully set tables and entertainment! Love the marzipan clown and that floral arrangement–is that food also?


  4. Delicious looking food! But, I would’ve stopped off for Fish and Chips on the way home too. Beautiful photos!


  5. oh you are so lucky! – what i would give to be able to shoot (actually, EAT) at such an event! haha. thanks for liking my “indulge” post. i enjoyed checking out all your photos of this day of indulgence. 🙂


  6. The food and how it is presented stirs the senses. Just irresistibly delicious…. The clown cake looks like a perfect dessert….great with a hot brewed coffee. Have a wonderful day.


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