Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

A thistle and textures combined to make a grungy looking image

As a mainly landscape/seascape photographer I don’t usually do photographs that would immediately spring to mind as unusual. But in the dim and distant past when I was first teaching myself to use PhotoChop I used to experiment a lot with textures and brushes.

So for this weeks challenge I created this image using an original photograph of a thistle, taken only last week, and following a tutorial from Jerry Jones I combined it with some textures and a bit of text.

Previously I have created my own textures and as always I made them freely available for use by anyone. They were available from FileFactory but unbeknown to me FileFactory changed their T&C and many of them were deleted after 90 days. Therefore I am in the process of moving them to SkyDrive

Anyway back to the image above. I have long been a fan of the artwork and textures of Jerry Jones a.k.a “skeletalmess” on Flickr and in a previous life as “ghostbones”. Today Jerry maintains a blog called Shadowhouse Creations and freely makes available his amazing textures, brushes, cool Photoshop tips and more importantly some amazing tutorials. Remember though if you decide to use any of Jerry’s stock make sure you comply with his “Terms of Use” which are very simple. For this image I used some of Jerry’s textures to create the Grungy look you see here.

Finally, if you have got the time have a look at Jerry’s artwork, which he presents in a slideshow called La Cinematique, trust me you won’t be disappointed and some of his work is very unusual.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unusual

  1. Spectacular creation … I have not experimented with textures, yet. Today’s image has inspired me to give it a try. Thank you for the links. I’m heading there next.


  2. Very nice pic and thanks a bunch for the info…always looking for interesting photo blogs/info as I like to experiment very much…


  3. In my part of the world, thistles are purplish in colour, so a thistle this colour is unusual!


  4. Love the effects you got with what you manipulated, if that is the correct word (I’m a point, shoot and pray person.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA


  5. beautifully unusual. Yes usually i avoid these on the hiking trail like the plague. You have made them look soft and sweet.
    Thanks for the mention/related article here.


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