Sliders Sunday

Digital Artwork showing a sailing ship on an almost flat calm sea with a cloudy background

Over at Flickr I’m a member of a group called Sliders Sunday. The idea behind the group is to take one image and over-process it to your hearts content. You can only work on the image on a Sunday and you must post it to the group that day as well.

Personally I find it a great way to relax and it helps me hone my Photoshop skills as I will experiment with various settings whilst I’m creating my latest piece of digital art.

For this weeks Sliders Sunday I thought I’d do something different. I took a landscape scene with lots of cloud and used the Ancient Warships Photoshop Brush on a new layer. Next I created the sea, hiding the landscape part, by applying the Flood filter form Flaming Pear. Detail was brought out with Topaz Adjust. Finally, the birds are from a Photoshop Brush Set from Shadowhouse Creations, as were the textures to finish the image off.

4 thoughts on “Sliders Sunday

  1. It’s a great effect Mike, I can tell you enjoy it and your own enthusiasm shows. I hope you are well Mike.



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