My Photographic Week – So Far

Spring is officially here. The clocks have gone forward for British Summer Time, the weather is absolutely cracking, just perfect for a bit of photography…….

… here’s my week so far.

Saturday – did have a planned shoot in the Snowdonia National park, Stunning scenery, what more could I ask for.

Well “she who must be obeyed” decided that the dogs needed a good long walk and we were going to the beach. “Don’t bother bringing your camera” I am instructed, “The dogs need a good run out”

Sunday – nothing planned, I wake up and the weather is still gorgeous, I’ll get up, even although I lost an hour with the change to BST, and get off to Snowdonia. Good excuse to grab a “Full English” in a a nice little cafe I know.

Now “she who must be obeyed” normally takes a short course in death at night. Nothing disturbs her.

“Oh you’re up. Good! We should take advantage of the weather and get the borders cleared ready for planting” she murmurs from under the duvet…”and we need to clear the rockery as well”

Monday – I wake up to another beautiful day. I know, I’ll get up quietly, get the gear packed and leave her a note. I can always use the excuse she needed the lie-in after my strenuous day yesterday.

Dogs start barking because they think they are getting a bonus early morning walk. From under the duvet…”I thought we’d scrub the decking today and then tomorrow you can paint it…..

Right that still leaves Wednesday and Thursday

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