Sliders Sunday – 15th April

Another image manipulated for the Sliders Sunday Flickr Group

Here we are again and it’s another Sliders Sunday. I was thinking about what to do today and decided on a Black and White image. For this Sunday I used a stock image from a collection I got with some desk-top publishing software I bought years ago.

First of all I softened the whole image down using NIK Color Efex Glamour Glow. Next I highlighted the light and dark areas using a new layer, with the blend mode set to overlay and filled with 50% gray. I did some dodging and burning at about 15% opacity for each effect. I particularly wanted to darken the background so that got some additional brushing with the burning brush about 50%.

Conversion to Black and White was done with Topaz Black and White using Dynamic Grunge. I then pulled out the lights some more with another round of dodging using the method explained above. Finally I used a vignette to darken the borders and highlight the facial area a bit more..

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