Sliders Sunday – 22 April

Running water over rocks with splashes of red and yellow flowers on the hill-side.

Unfortunately the original image, taken on a rainy day  and down in a deep valley was dark and the colours didn’t stand out too much. Looking at it I decided the image was worth saving and would use it later for Sliders Sunday. Of course if I’m trying to rescue an image I need to be subtle with those sliders, otherwise I can just make it look worse. My main focus today was to use Photoshop to bring some light and brighter splashes of colour into the image.

Here’s the finished result. What do you think? Have I achieved my goal? Does the rescued image look better than the original? Or have I gone too far?

10 thoughts on “Sliders Sunday – 22 April

  1. It now looks like a very nice spring day Mike instead of the dreary darkness in the original image. Good work and not at all obvious.


  2. I like both images – with running water in it, it’s never going to be dreary to me – it’s not something we have a lot of here. But both images look pretty damn fine to me 🙂


        1. My sister has lived there for years and years. She says she doesn’t miss UK but I’m not so sure. Saying that the way the UK is now I sometimes wish I was elsewhere


  3. I think both photos are beautiful in their own way. The water in the first photo caught my attention. And the pretty colors caught my attention in the second one. I do prefer the first photo to the second. It looks more realistic and natural.


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