Why They’re Together..

Photography like art is often down to interpretation. Take any theme and you will find it interpreted by photographers in many different ways. Each month Fuji Cameras UK runs a themed competition which gets hundreds, maybe even reaches into the thousands, of entries. This months theme is “Motion” and if you were to look at the entries you would see so many different interpretations of the theme…..

….and so it is with the Weekly Photo Challenge here on WordPress. I try my best to look at every entry, I don’t always comment because there are just too many entries now to leave comments on every one. I do however use Zemanta and if it spots your blog as a related entry I will publish it. Anyway I digress. When I look at the entries for the photo challenge I often think how does that relate to the theme. Sometimes I see it as a very tenuous link, sometimes it’s glaringly obvious and sometimes I just don’t get it. No matter how many times I will look at the image.

It’s the same when I post an image. For last weeks photo challenge I invited you to comment on why I included the image above in a group of photo’s from the Rhyl Air-Show I know why it’s there but here’s some examples of what you in the WordPress community think are the reasons;

Xavier at SinPolaris thought that maybe it was because they are together in the sky.

Robin  at <<The Great Escape>> Life from behind a lens on the other hand said “I would go for the last image representing the two subjects of plane and sun both blazing in the sky together”

Steve Ransome decided that he would think about it and get back to me. You should check out Steve’s wildlife photography on Flickr, he has some really good ones

Judy at JayJaysFavorites commented “Can’t figure out the last one Mike. Unless you have one of the Red Tails flying in the red sky”!

Patti Kuche at Nylon Daze in New York went out on a wild wing and took a guess that the image might have something to do with twin engines or twin rockets?

Kate Walsh at DesignHouse9 took a guess that in the image the sun and the aircraft both represent powerful energy. But on reflection Kate thought it probably wasn’t the reason I posted it. So Kate decided maybe they were suspended in the Universe together. At that point Kate decided to quit.

OK! Why did I think the image fitted the theme? Well for me the answer was simple. It’s a combination of two images, the plane flying across the sky and a setting sun which I combined together to give me one image. Or maybe it’s because the plane is from the Red Arrows display team and there’s a red halo round the sun. In reality it’s both. I did combine the two images and I really liked the way the plane was silhouetted against the red. So there you have it. My reasons for including this image in the Together theme.

But there’s an additional bonus (sounds like one of those TV ad’s). You took time to comment on why you thought I had included the image. In return I have published links to your blog with this post, in Steve’s case it’s his Flickr portfolio, but it’s brought you and me together. Maybe a few others will read this post and who knows it may bring you and them together if they follow the links.

20 thoughts on “Why They’re Together..

  1. Now you’ve explained it……..simple!! Lol Thanks Mike and for advert too. What a nice man. Follow your links, you never know where you will go. cheers


  2. Beautifully done – the combining of the two pics. And I love the result! I don’t know how I’d have seen the connection to ‘Together’. Maybe you need both sky and aeroplane in order to fly, I think pilots often feel very together (at one with) their aircraft, and I’m sure you need to be a pretty ‘together’ sort of person to fly one of those machines!


  3. I agree with you on “Sometimes I see it as a very tenuous link, sometimes it’s glaringly obvious and sometimes I just don’t get it.”

    Personally I prefer when the photo challenges force people to think about their composition and style. The weekly photo challenge can be a helpful tool to improve the photography skills of all the bloggers out there – mine included.


  4. is not together ..just is up in red sky, maybe this imagination bring them together ..i thing is escape.. what mean together ? thank you


    1. Like I said, It’s all down to interpretation and I would never criticise anyone for their comments on my photographs. I’m just please that they took time to look and a comment is a bonus because I know then that you have seen something in the photograph, good or bad.


  5. I went all nerdy and looked under the bonnet but I had great fun with the guessing Mike! Another valuable lesson in that the photo exists entirely within the frame. I’m with the Cardinal on the photo “challenge and improvement” forcing myself to think more of composition and style to the point where I don’t enter the challenges as often.
    Love the photo of the sun and red arrow together!


    1. Generally I will dip into my library for the photo challenge, Patti, and maybe sometimes I make the photo fit the theme but I do try to get the composition right when i first take the photograph.


    1. I have achieved something today….now I have to go in the garden because “She Who Must Be Obeyed” wants to clear the rockery in preparation for new plants


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