52/2012 Week 19

Diving Gull at the Point of Ayre

It’s been a busy old week with not much time for photography mainly due to the problems with Rooney our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Anyway, yesterday I managed to get out, weather was really good and I got burnt by the sun. One of my favourite spots on the coast is the Point of Ayre. It’s a five-minute drive from my house and features that old lighthouse that I keep photographing. When the tide is out there is a fantastically wide and long beach. The downside is that it attracts lots of visitors in the summertime. Behind the beach are the sand dunes, home to a great array of wildlife and visiting birds who migrate to this part of the coast each year. My favourite part of the Point of Ayre though is the estuary and marshes. This is where it’s the most quiet, few people venture here, and that’s where the migrating wading birds gather when the tide is coming in. It’s lonely and desolate, my kind of place, but you have to know your tide times as there is always the possibility of getting cut off. You don’t see many gulls in the estuary, they’re intelligent birds, and have learnt there are easier pickings where the tourists gather.

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    1. I love going there, especially in the winter when there’s no one about. I’ve spent three or fours hours there and not seen a single soul, perfect…


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