Sliders Sunday – 13 May 2012

Sunset at Ffrith Beach Prestatyn but for Sliders Sunday the image is stacked

Here we go with another Sliders Sunday. I missed last weeks because of the previously mentioned doggie problems. Anyway to this image….

It’s a sunset at Ffrith Beach, Prestatyn but for Sliders Sunday the image is stacked. If you have Photoshop Elements this is very easy to create. From the Edit Tab, choose guided and scroll down to Photo Stack. Just follow what the guide tells you. For this image I also increased the saturation by doing a quick edit and adjusting the Saturation and Temperature.

For those of you who might be interested in Sliders Sunday…..

Sliders Sunday is a Flickr Group devoted to having fun pushing those sliders in your digital photography program. Group rules are quite simple

  1. You are not allowed to post SOOC pictures
  2. You should have had fun experimenting with processing the picture you post
  3. You can only post on Sunday
  4. You must describe or tag your shot as intended for this group by either describing your processing or by tagging it HSS or “sliders sunday.”
  5. Please take a moment and comment on other group members
  6. One Shot per Week

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