Dandelion head with all the seeds on

I’ve just got back from a week’s vacation. As I wanted to get away from it all and relax I deliberately picked somewhere that had no internet access. Shock! Horror! I hear some of you say. But I really wanted to just relax so even the mobile was turned off. I had a great week, recharged my batteries, got to see a great part of England and best of all the whole time I was away the sun was shining in clear blue skies.

Now you’re probably thinking “Where’s the holiday photos?” “Why’s Mike showing us this?” Simple really…..TIME…..I need lots of it right now. Time to process the 200 or so photographs I took on the RSPB Bird Reserve at Conwy. Time to process the 352 photographs I took whilst I was on vacation. You didn’t think I would go without my cameras did you? Time to catch up with all of the TV programs we recorded whilst I was away. Time to cut the grass in the back garden; which seems to have grown tremendously, the grass that is. Time to choose a photograph and write an article for the Weekly Photo Challenge. Time to answer all of the emails that are sitting in my in-box. Time to answer the request to use some of my photographs, commercially. Now I like that idea, especially if it’s paying. And so with all that TIME to find that’s why I’m up at 6:00 am writing this article.

But why the photograph of a dandelion? After all it’s only a weed. Pretty I must admit, especially when it goes to seed. Well here in the UK there’s a game that children play. They’re supposed to be able to tell the time by the number of puffs it takes to blow the seeds from the dandelion and right now I need time to stand still for a while whilst I catch up. So no one is blowing on my dandelion clock…..

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  1. That dandelion looks so sweet, soft and full of relaxed composure . . . . hope the holiday feeling is enduring and time remains yours to stand still when needed!


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